Tuesday, March 12, 2013

250 Million Bankroll

It didn't take me long to move my bankroll up from 100-130 million to 250 million.  Many of the markets that I'm currently playing allow me to buy items for between 1 and 5 million gold and sell them for 10-20 million gold.  Generally, I sell about 10 items a day at this rate.  I'm still logging in every morning for a few minutes, checking my listings, re-listing any items that expire and listing new items that I've won from bidding.  I also invest my entire bankroll in bids every time I log in.

Having a bankroll of a quarter million gold has allowed me to consistently buy enough items to have a full 10 slots of items up on the RMAH.  Making money in Diablo 3 is not a get rich quick scheme, it's a marathon of making a little bit here and there and adapting to find new markets to squeeze out margins.  I'm still making between $5 and $10 every day with about an hour of total work (half hour in the morning and half hour at night).

I'll continue to work with this bankroll for a little while and continue to pull some extra cash out of this game. I plan on slowly experimenting with the higher end markets, many of which are discussed in Markco's Gold Forum and his Gold Guide.  Instead of investing in items with 1-5 million, I'm starting to set up to buying items between 10-20 million gold and selling them for 20-35 million.  They move slower, but the profit margins are better.

For those of you grinding out there, keep it up.  This concept seems to be working for Blizzard and I expect that other games will come out that will have similar real money auction house set ups, based on the model that Diablo 3 is providing.  Just image, if there were 10 games out there like this with real markets and you were making $5 to $10 per day on each, you'd be pulling in $50 to $100 per day by selling virtual goods.  

Who'dathunk - pixel traders as a profession.