Gold Guide

Acquiring gold quickly, efficiently, and often is the key to making money in Diablo 3.  Players always need gold to repair their gear, train artisans, and level new characters.  If you can master playing the auction house, farm efficiently and effectively, and learn to maximize your time while playing Diablo 3, you will be able to make some serious real life cash.  Even if you don't plan on selling any of your gold or items in Diablo 3, making a pile of gold will help you on your way to dominating Inferno and building a truly badass character.

The best way to learn how to make gold in Diablo 3 is by listening to players who's goal is to make real money from playing Diablo 3.  Why waste time trying out new strategies and doing your own research when other players have already done it for you?  Markco, formerly of the popular WoW blog Just My Two Copper, has put hundreds of hours into playing Diablo 3 and has put together one of the best Diablo 3 gold guides out there.  Right now, the price is only at $27 and includes three months of access to a private forum where dozens of Diablo 3 entrepreneurs discuss gold making strategies.

I have been a member of Markco's site since April of 2012 and have found the forum to be a goldmine of information.  The gold guide has some great strategies and some very useful information and Markco has continually updated his guide based on his own research and the research of other Diablo 3 "pros" that are members of the forum.  His guide is a "living document" meaning that it will be updated on a regular basis as new strategies are discovered.  Honestly, the best thing about purchasing his guide has been having access to the gold forums.  There are dozens of extremely intelligent individuals who are making tons of money playing Diablo 3, and most of them are members of Markco's forum.  Access to the forum is worth the price of the guide.

Bottom line - buy Markco's guide now and get a jump start on making gold in Diablo 3. I am well on my way to making money playing Diablo 3 thanks to the strategies that I have learned from Markco and the other experts on his forums. 

If you have any questions about Markco's guide or about making gold and money playing Diablo 3, you can leave a comment here or get at me through e-mail at or on twitter @KKrizan.


  1. Do you think the popularity of the game will last and still allow people to make money in the future. Diablo has been lucky so far because it hasnt realy got many competitors like Word of War craft come on lol. I see that people are turning a good profit should they be worried about the future.

  2. I think Diablo 3 will continue to be a popular game. Lots of people are playing Guild Wars 2 right now but I'm still making sales in Diablo every day. Flipping items has become a little more difficult, but I've also not spent as much time on the game as I had during the first couple months. I think Diablo 3 will continue to be a game that people play for years to come.

  3. I'm sorry to see you got on this train when you did, man. Over the summer of 2012, this was hilariously easy. Now there just isn't a player base or a market to work with anymore. At my peak, I made $500 in a day flipping items on the auction house, I think in June when the RMAH first came out. Now I'm just hoping some other company decides to use the RMAH philosophy again so I can take advantage of it, heh. Good luck ^^