Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Auctions Picking Back Up

As I'm sure that you've heard, Diablo 3 is broken.  Players are quitting the game left and right, which has made it difficult for people like me to make any kind of consistent money playing Diablo 3.  A smaller player pool means less players spending money on items.  If you look in the Diablo 3 "Blog-o-sphere" you'll find several "I'm quitting this game" posts on blogs and blogs that haven't been updated in weeks or months.  I've admittedly slowed down on my posts as I've been a little discouraged, but I've learned a few things this week that have renewed my making money vigor.

  • Fewer players playing the game means fewer players farming high level content
I've noticed that prices in many of the markets that I check on a daily basis are either staying strong or even increasing.  Quality items are starting to become scarce as there are not as many people farming content and finding these items, but there are still players who want to purchase upgrades.  There are also less players utilizing a bidding strategy, meaning that I'm picking up items for less than 10K and selling them for well over 100K consistently.

  • Players are not buying elite items, but they are willing to spend a few million for an upgrade
I still haven't sold my bad ass amulet that I keep listing for around 100 million.  I think that I'm going to save it for the PVP patch, where it might be worth a lot due to the high vitality and resist to all (if resist to all even factors in to PVP).  Anyway, now that I have a little more gold to play with, I'm finding that I can make a profit a million or so at a time buying amulets and rings for between 400K and 800K and re-selling them for 1 million to 3 million.  If I can do 10 of these a day where I'm making about 500K each, that's 5 million a day or $9 real money per day, which equates to $270 a month.  I could live with making an extra $270 a month on Diablo 3.

  • People are still reading about Diablo 3
Although several Diablo 3 bloggers are showing decreases in traffic, we are all still getting some traffic to our sites.  Meaning that there are still people out there playing the game.  I know that quite a few gamers are looking forward to the release of Guild Wars II, which will be coming out in a few weeks.  I expect to see a lot of players stop playing Diablo 3 at that time, but that just means that the markets will change.  Players will come back to Diablo 3, especially when the PVP patch comes through.  There are always going to be opportunities to make money playing this game, it's just a matter of finding the right markets.

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  1. I'm also hoping PVP brings people back by the masses. The RMAH is frustratingly slow at times.