Sunday, December 9, 2012

Key Farming and Paragon Level Grinding

There are plenty of people making good money playing Diablo 3.  At this time, I am not one of them.  I've changed my outlook on playing Diablo 3, mostly due to a couple months of not spending as much time as I would have liked on the game.  Now, I'm making an effort to log in at least once a day and learn about the game, market, and put myself into a position to make a good amount of money consistently.

Here are the things that I am doing to invest in my account and learn.

  1. Gold Auction House flipping/research.
    1. I'm learning what markets are over saturated and what players are spending gold on.  Soon I will venture back into the real money auction house as well.
  2. Reading Markco's site and gold guide.
    1. Markco is updating his gold guide often and the forums are still bumping with valuable information.
  3. Farming on Monster Power 2-3 for drops
  4. Grinding Paragon levels
  5. Farming for Keys of Destruction 

I'm able to accomplish 3-5 all at the same time, which is great.  I have a balance of gear on my barbarian that allows me to farm MP2-3 and also get a little bonus experience.  I have a ruby gem in my helm for 29% bonus and am planning on investing in a Leoric's signet ring soon.

I also am hoping to craft a Hellfire Ring for the added experience bonus, which will help me grind out a few more paragon levels as I'm farming.  The long term goal is to have a paragon level 100 character that will be able to farm high Monster Power levels, especially after players come back to the game with the PVP patch, which is on the horizon.

Right now I seem to be able to make around 3-5 million a day in a few markets that I have learned about by experimenting and also from advice from Markco's Gold Guide.  As I build up my gold stash, I plan on jumping into some higher end markets and hope to be making 5-10 million a day.

Status update:

Gold amount: About 30 million

Paragon level: 10

DPS: 54K

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