Monday, December 3, 2012

December Update

As Markco pointed out, I've been slacking a bit on the updates here at Diablo 3 Profits.  Part of that is because of the lack of time that I have been dedicating to blogging and playing Diablo 3 and part of it is the fact that I've honestly been pretty lazy.  If there are culprits other than myself in the case of the lack of updates, they would be the South Carolina Gamecocks football team and my four fantasy football leagues.

I've been hopping on Diablo 3 every few days and doing a bit of buying and selling and testing new markets. With the game changing as often as it has, without my daily log ins I've had difficulty keeping up with market trends.  The concepts that I've learned from Markco's Gold Guide and the forums still apply however, especially the idea of trading in markets that I myself am making purchases for my character.

The markets that I am still finding success are extremely low risk/reward at this time, and I'm only making a couple million with each round of buying and selling on the GAH.  I'm experimenting in some higher end markets, but so far it looks like volume would be my way to go if I would log in more often.  One possible solution would be to upgrade my work laptop and be able to log in more often during the day (lunch, sometime in the afternoon).  With the end of the year coming, maybe I'll get an equipment upgrade.

I'm only Paragon level 7 on my Barbarian, and I'd like to continue to grind out a few levels in between auction house sessions.  

Goals for December:

Paragon level 20

100 Million Gold in the bank

Make $50 in cashed out, real money.


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