Sunday, October 21, 2012


When I logged into the game this morning, I had about 15 million gold.  I'd invested around 20 million in upgraded gear for my Barbarian so that I could hopefully complete the game on Inferno and start experimenting with farming using Monster Power.  My plan is to use the 15 million gold that I currently have in the bank and grow it every day by bidding on items and flipping them for a profit. 

I've spent a few hours getting back into the game and just doing searches on the Auction House, both Real Money and Gold, to find out what is selling and what specific markets are looking like.  So far I've found one market where I can buy items for between 100K and 250K and flip them for around 400K to 600K.  These items seem to sell slowly, but consistently.

This morning, I put up several items that I had won bids on last night in the one market that I had found.  I invested another few million in bids in my market and then invested the rest in several other markets that I wish to experiment in.  Right now, all of my gold is tied up in these bids, which means I'm free to farm for a while and work on finishing up the game and of course watch a few football games.  I have nearly 100 winning bids out there, so I am hoping to win around 40-50% of those bids and work on flipping the items this evening and tomorrow.

Even if I win some of these items and they never sell, I'm investing in knowledge of the current markets.  Spending a few million to find new markets is an investment that is worth making, you never know when you'll stumble on a market that no one else is playing and is extremely profitable. 

Current gameplay status:

Paragon level: 3

Inferno Act II Completed - working on Act III

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