Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Day One (for me)

Talk about a long day.  I spent Launch Day for Diablo 3 flying around the country.  I got to airport at 5:30am and didn't get home until around 10:00pm.  As you an imagine, this afforded me very little time to even think about logging in to play Diablo 3.  It was however, a very productive day, so I can't complain much.

Day One for me was this morning.  My Diablo 3 routine is going to consist of playing for about an hour in the morning and then doing updates to this blog with my remaining time before work.  I have some time off in the next week or so, so I'll be doing a couple binge sessions to get things going and get my Barbarian leveled, but normally I'll only be playing for an hour or so a day.  I had pre-downloaded the client, but found that when I tried to fire it up this morning I had to re-install.  I got the process started and upgraded my video card driver at the same time (I know, noob...should have done that months ago) and then made breakfast and got ready for work. 

Once the game got to about 30% downloaded, I could log in and start playing.  I played my Barb to around level 3 before I the game shut down on me because the content hadn't downloaded.  Instead of pout about not being able to go any further, or heaven forbid go into work early (like that even crossed my mind), I did the best that I could to be productive with my time.  I know that eventually I'll need to have some mules* set up to store the massive amounts of items and commodities that I'll be selling on the GAH and RMAH, so I started running those characters to the shared stash in New Tristram. 

*A mule is a character that is used for extra storage space in its inventory.

I created one mule for each character class and (creatively) named them "PBody[Class Initials]mule."  So, my Witch Doctor mule's name is PBodyWDmule.  Names are a strong point in my writing ability... can't you tell?  I also created a Jeweler mule named "PBodyJCmule." 

I filled up most of my 10 allotted character slots with mules.  I don't plan on buying extra space in my stash for a little while until the price of gold drops, as I'm predicting that gold will be selling at a premium once the RMAH goes live.  For now, my army of PBody mules will suffice.

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  1. Hi PBody,

    Keep it up! I have the same goals as you w/ Diablo 3. In fact, the R$AH is the only reason I purchased the game.

    You have already helped me out - I am making some mules right now. Cheers!