Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Investing in Your Characters

I just posted an article on HubPages about "investing" in your characters and account.  Basically, I am approaching Diablo 3 as a potential business rather than a game that I want to play just for the hell of it.  When I played WoW, the entire goal was to have fun.  I spent hours and hours exploring, searching for meaningless items like pets and mounts, and going after achievements that gave me nothing more than a little personal satisfaction.  Eventually, I learned that by using the skills that I learned by investing a ton of time into the game, I could make some extra money on the side by the excess gold that I was making through doing dailies and pwning the Jewelcrafting market on the AH.  As you can imagine, this only last a short time before I got my account banned and lost my account, along with all of my badass pets, mounts, and "meaningless" virtual items that I'd spent years acquiring. 

It wasn't worth the few hundred bucks.

Once May 15th hits (well, actually May 16th...I'll be on a plane all day on May 15th), I plan on approaching Diablo 3 with a more focused attitude than I did with WoW.  I plan on following a similar path - exploring, working on acquiring rare items - but with the overall goal in mind that I want to make money from the time I spend in the game.  With a limited amount of time to play the game, I need to be making the best use of the time that I do have.  Every minute that I'm logged in is an investment in the business that will be my Diablo 3 experience.

Would it be more fun to just play the game and have my only concern be getting my character to be epically more badass with each passing day?  Probably.  But, will it be even more fun to take the first $1,000 I make from playing Diablo 3 and go on a 5 day cruise to the Bahamas?  Hell yes.

You can read my HubPages article here.


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