Monday, July 23, 2012

Awesome Amulet Drop in Act 1 Inferno

Over the weekend, I spent one of my mornings playing the game and learning how to farm Act 1 Inferno efficiently.  Basically, I followed the advice of the guys from "Try Hard" on YouTube.  I'll add the video to the end of this post. 

My Barb is geared out to the point of being able to kill things fairly easily in Inferno Act 1 but I haven't progressed any further than that.  I have a magic find set that gets me over 200% MF with the Nephelam Valor buff, so I was hoping to get a decent drop over the weekend to build up my stash.

Boy did I ever.

By my third or fourth run, I hadn't found anything worth putting up on the AH.  I was getting a little discouraged...when I saw that I had an amulet drop.  I usually wait until the end of the run to identify everything, but I get antsy when I see rings or amulets.  So I cleared the mobs in my area and right clicked the ammy...

Holy #!!~#@~#!

I immediately hopped on to both auction houses and started looking for similar items so that I could price it out.  I couldn't find a single item like it...and immediately started seeing dollar signs. 

I finally found one item that was similar but didn't have any magic find.  It was listed for 300,000,000 gold.  So, I figured what the hell...I'll put it up for 300,000,000 gold and see what happens.  That's over $500 worth of gold if I sold it straight on the GAH at $.25 per million (after fees).  It hasn't sold yet, but we will see.  I've heard that high ticket items tend to take a while to sell, so the name of the game is to be patient.

I also posted this on Markco's Gold Forums and got some great advice on how to go about selling this item and what it might be worth.  The consensus is that it is probably worth over 100,000,000, but might take a while to sell. 

If I could sell this off for a hundred million or two, it would be an awesome way to get some money in the bank and work toward my goals.  Until it does sell, I'll be using my regular strategies to build up my gold and now I'll probably do at least one farming run each morning to try and get some more items like this one.

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