Thursday, July 19, 2012

Finding My Style

Over the weekend I had quite a bit of time to play around in game.  My newly dinged level 60 Barbarian had some mediocre gear for a level 60, so I went ahead and spent some of the gold that I've been earning using my bidding strategy on upgrades.  After all, this is a game and I'm a gaming dork...I enjoy running around killing things.  I got a shiny new two hander with 1200+ DPS and a bunch of 100 Strength, 100 Vitality, + Resist to All gear to help me get through Inferno.  

Inferno is hard.
I can see why the developers didn't think that there would be a Diablo kill on Inferno for a little while.  After I died a few times in Act I Inferno, I switched out my bad ass two hander for a sword and board set that drastically lowered my DPS but allowed me to stay alive for most of Act I.  I didn't have a lot of Magic Find on my gear, but my goal for this weekend was to just enjoy the game and clear some content.  I progressed most of the way through Act I Inferno before I decided to start exploring some other options and get back to playing the AH.

At the time, I had about 5 or 6 million gold from playing the GAH.  My stash and a couple mule characters were full of items that I had won on the AH using my bidding strategy and I was just waiting for my GAH slots to open up to sell them.  I've found enough markets to keep a constant supply of cheap items, which is great...but because of the 10 auction limit I can only sell so many at a time.  This means that any other time I have in the game could be spent farming and making more gold.  To do that, I need a farming set.

I went back to Markco's Gold Secrets Guide (which has been updated a ton since my last read through) and picked up a few farming ideas.  One that sparked my interest was building a gold find set and farming lower level content for gold.  For this, I could definitely use my badass new two hander to mow down mobs and break open things.  I spent some time researching Markco's guide and also the Diablo 3 Gold Secret Forums (which you get 3 months free access to if you purchase Markco's guide for $24), and decided that I could make upwards of 500K gold in about 45 minutes if I built a gold find set.

Half an hour and a few million gold later, I had a set that gave me over 300% GF with the Nephalem Valor buff.   I'll write up a post soon about my Chinese gold farming imitation.

I also would like to be able to farm Inferno runs in between gold find runs.  I'm going to start building a Magic Find set that I will be able to use in Inferno Act 1 and quickly clear the content.  This will take a little while as the items with Magic Find, Resist to All, 100 Vitality, and 100 Strength cost upwards of a few million gold a piece.  The plan is to keep an eye out for deals on the AH and big on some bad ass items to build my set and get it for cheap.

I'm at a bit of a crossroads in my making money in Diablo 3 adventure.  I haven't made a whole lot yet as I've spent a lot of the gold that I've made by playing the GAH on buying gear upgrades and investing in my main to be able to farm and craft to make more gold.  Once I finish out my Inferno Act I MF set, I can really see myself starting to rake in the gold and then be able to start selling on the RMAH.  I want to build up to around 10 million gold and then anything above that will be sold or invested in items to sell.

This morning's post is a little longer than my normal ones, but there are just soooo many options at this point that it makes my head spin.  Thank you for reading and if you have any suggestions, comments, or questions feel free to leave a comment here or e-mail me at  I'm also on Twitter @KKrizan.  Cheers!

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