Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Auction House Strategies

Over the last couple days I went back and re-read Markco's Gold Guide, which has been significantly updated since the last time I went through it.  I've been touting the Gold Forum, which you can get along with purchasing his guide, but the actual guide itself has grown to be a very valuable resource.  I've been applying some of the strategies to my time playing the Gold Auction House and have made some significant gold flipping items, combining gems, and finding items to salvage without spending too much time combing through pages upon pages of items in the AH.

With my play sessions being so short, I want to learn as many strategies that I can quickly utilize when I log in to the game.  The whole goal of treating Diablo 3 as a business is to make it a viable part time income where I spend my allotted hour to an hour and a half a day in the game making real money and then move on to the rest of my day.  Markco's Gold Guide has helped me discover a few potential strategies while still allowing me to get some leveling time in.

Yesterday I dinged level 41 on my Barbarian and am working my way through Nightmare.  I've got around 200K gold and have been investing in gems whenever I see a deal in preparation for the next patch where combining costs drops significantly.  I had a few auctions up that I didn't get a chance to check last night before the servers went down for maintenance, so I hope that when I log back in I'll have a nice pile of gold waiting for me.

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