Tuesday, June 12, 2012

New Look

As you might have noticed, I just put up a new logo for Diablo 3 Profits.  Props to my buddy Kyle for putting together a great look for me!  You can check out his design work at his website here.

I'm now back at home and starting to figure out my new routine with my new job, which means that I'll be able to get back into a routine of writing and playing Diablo 3.  The goal to make some extra cash while playing the game is always going to be in the background and I've been keeping up on Marcko's gold forums and blog to try and stay in the game.  Check out the link to the right if you are interested in tapping into Marcko's vast knowledge of the game and his predictions/experiments with the Real Money Auction House.  The guide and forum are worth the price!

For now, I'm at level 32 with my Barbarian and have almost completed Normal.  I may have some time to play tonight and if I do, I may give Nightmare a shot.  Until then, I'm going to do a little investing in level 8+ gems for when the RMAH goes live. 

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