Monday, June 25, 2012

Post weekend

I'm moving at a much slower rate in Diablo 3 than originally planned...but I'm perfectly ok with it.  The entire concept of this blog was to be an extremely casual Diablo 3 player and attempt to make a little side cash from selling gold, items, and possibly characters in game.  I've stuck to my guns since the game came out and have only played the game when I've had extra free time or in my allotted time in the mornings before work.  I'm fairly proud of myself for not getting caught up in the game and not obsessing over it like I have done for pretty much any other project that I've undertaken.

I'm slowly learning where I can make money flipping items on the Gold Auction House.  I've used some tips and tricks that I've learned through forums and Markco's Gold Guide and I can now log in and spend about 5-10 minutes scanning the AH for deals.  I've amassed a decent chunk of gold through this and the level process (just under 1 million now) and also experimented with combining gems to make a decent income (with some success and some not so much).  If I were playing this game for 4-5 hours every day, I would have achieved this level of AH knowledge long ago - but then I wouldn't be a casual noob and this blog would be fairly pointless.

I've invested a lot of gold into my character as I'm leveling (currently level 49 and almost done with Nightmare) and also into my Jeweler, who is maxed out but still needs to get designs for the high level gems.  The real money on the GAH can be made from flipping items that sell for millions of gold - which requires millions of gold to invest.  Once I ding 60, I'll really have a chance to get after it and start seeing my account grow.

I still have yet to make a sale on the Real Money Auction House, but I haven't dabbled a ton there yet.  My guess is that not a lot of mid level items are selling on the RMAH and most of the money is to be made on level 60 items...but I'll dive deeper into that soon.   I'm going to do some research this week and find out when and if we will be able to sell gems on the RMAH, which I think will be an easy market to break into and make some serious cash.  Now that I've got a little capital, I'll be keeping an eye out for cheap designs that show up so that when gems are selling for RMAH, I won't be far behind.

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