Saturday, June 30, 2012


Last night after work I went to a birthday party for a friend who lives about two hours away.  Instead of cruising down the highway rocking out to Call Me Maybe, I hopped on my iPhone and listened to several podcasts that Markco from put out since the Real Money Auction House went live. 

Markco puts out some great content and helps his readers/listeners/subscribers understand what it takes to make money playing Diablo 3.  I listened to seven or eight podcasts - which are between 5 and 20 minutes each - and found myself driving faster so I could get home and try out some of the strategies that I had just learned.

Now, because its in the morning on a Saturday, there aren't a ton of people playing Diablo 3.  I basically invested a lot of my current gold stash in bidding on items and buying out some under priced items to flip and sell for a decent return.  I started the day with 1.4 million gold and plan on letting my auctions sit for a few hours and checking back later.  I'll make an update post either before I head out tonight (for another birthday party) or tomorrow afternoon and let you know how my auctions did. 

Ok... I lied a bit.  I may have turned on Call Me Maybe and blasted it with the windows down once...

Or twice.

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  1. Totally not related to D3, but: Thanks for the video, man. I love it. :D