Monday, June 4, 2012

Slowly But Shirley

Making money is Diablo 3 is at a bit of a stand still, both for me personally and for the rest of the players out there who intended to turn virtual goods and gold into cash.  The Real Money Auction House was delayed again, so only those who have sold items on third party sites or through other avenues like forums, trade channels, or to friends have actually made any money on their virtual investments. 

My "real life" has been crazy busy, and even though I'll be sitting in a hotel room for the next four nights, I won't be able to log in as my company laptop doesn't have the guts to run Diablo 3.  I was hoping to at least be able to log in to the game and do some playing on the gold auction house, but after spending all day downloading the client, I got the error message saying that my video card was not supported.

To give you an update on my progress, currently my barbarian is level 31 and in the middle of Act IV on normal.  He'll be staying there until next week when I will get back into a routine of doing some writing and getting in some game time in the mornings before work.  I think that having a max level character is the best strategy for me and my modest goals at this time, so whatever time that I have in the game will be spent on that until I am level 60.  

Commodities haven't been on the auction house for at least a week if not longer, so my original strategy of investing in gems hasn't really been an option  After I get back from "real life" I'll reevaluate the situation and see if that market is still something worth going after and spending a little time on. 

Current gold:  100,000

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