Thursday, July 5, 2012

First RMAH Sale!

Finally!  I broke the damn RMAH ice and made a sale.  I was beginning to believe that no one actually bought items on the RMAH and that everyone who I've been talking to about making money in Diablo 3 had been playing a huge joke on me.  Now, I've got a renewed confidence in the game and am going to see how I can expand upon my one GIANT $1.99 sale. 

Here's what sold and how I sold it...

I've been experimenting in several markets on the gold auction house, primarily for Barbarian gear because that's the class that I know well.  I use a bidding strategy to try and scoop up deals for gear that I know will sell quickly if priced right - so I normally have a lot of gold tied up in bids.  What I'm trying to do is build up my gold supply so that occasionally I can invest in an item on the GAH to flip and sell on the RMAH.  I've heard of players getting as much as $20-$30 per million gold spent on the gold auction house in real money when they sell items on the RMAH - but I know that number is drastically dropping.

Right now my stash hovers between 2 and 4 million depending on how many bids I have going.  I'm spending a little bit of my gold investing in a long term strategy (that I'll write about once I figure out if it will actually work) and then I also have been keeping an eye out for items that I think would sell on the RMAH and are in my price range.  That's how I found the item that I sold last night.

I was looking through level 60 Barbarian shoulders with 100+ Vitality, 100+ Strength, and any Resist to All.  I found a low (ish) bid on a really nice piece with 150+ Vit, 140 Strength, 30 Resist All, and 16%  Magic Find.  I scooped it up for about 400K gold.  I tried to sell the item a few times on the RMAH for $10.00, then $5.00...then I dropped it to $1.99, which is where it sold.  Now, I know that the gold to money ratio isn't that great on it, but the concept that I learned from this sale is valuable - items with high quality stats will sell on the RMAH if the price is right. 

I had the money go to my balance to avoid the high pay pal fee.  My idea is to build up a little balance in my account and then use the money in that account to bid on/buy high cost items that I know will sell and re-sell them to cash out through Pay Pal.  I'd like to find a bunch of small markets where I can flip items like the shoulders and build up a nice little revenue stream.

For now - I'm working on getting to level 60 so that I can start building my farming set.  I'm level 55 and can just about taste it!  Now I've got about 45 minutes before I need to get ready for work - level 56 here I come!


  1. Main stats items + resist all + MF or GF on it are the ones that sells the most, you could've sold this one for approximately 3,47$ instead. Trust me that's my lucky number :)

  2. i got a big drop in sales after Gold-USD in RMAH... i was selling 1-4 items per day before... and now i hardly sale 4-6 items per week... :(

    $210 USD earned atm... my biggest sale $65.90 USD